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Cup of Excellence Goes National - Brazil is on the List

Considered by many to be the “Olympics of Coffee”, the international stage of Cup of Excellence (COE) Brazil begins this Tuesday (25). The competition continues during the week and ends on October 29. 42 samples from varieties such as Arara, Bourbon, Catuaí, Geisha, Mundo Novo, among others, that scored 86 and above were qualified for this phase of the competition, when judges from abroad will define the 30 champions of COE 2022.

The international judges will analyze the samples by type, color, appearance, humidity, water activity, defects and beverage quality. The samples that achieve at least 87 points, can win one of the 30 spots in the contest. The Cup of Excellence in Brazil, which judges the best of the best in the coffee world, is part of the "Brazil. The Nation of Coffee" sector project, held by BSCA and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), and is carried out in partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE). This year, the international phase will be hosted by Expocaccer - Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the Cerrado, in Patrocinio, Minas Gerais - Brazil.

The winning coffees will be commercialized in a hotly disputed online international auction at premium prices, with the vast majority of auction proceeds going to farmers. In addition, each lot is documented through the entire process so that winning coffees are traceable to the farm and exact micro-lot.

“We are very excited with the national results and expect an amazing international phase and we expect that the Cup of Excellence will continue to promote Brazil as one of the main origins for quality and sustainable production in the world,” said Vinicius Estrela, BSCA’s Executive Director.

In 2021, first place went to Vitor Marcelo de Queiroz Barbosa after his coffee from Fazenda Cachoeira, in city of Carmo do Paranaíba, in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil. It was awarded 90.50 points from the international jury on a scale of zero to 100. His sample, with the variety Yellow Catuaí, was crowned the best specialty coffee in Brazil. At auction, the coffee hit the record average price, and it was sold to Canada, South Korea and Taiwan.

Indeed, the level of scrutiny that the Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the specialty coffee industry. Established in 1999, the goal of the Cup of Excellence was to discover new methods to add value to green coffee. In Brazil, specifically, the goal was to show the international market that the country was capable of producing high-quality coffee. Over the years, the project gained a huge impact globally and became international. Nowadays COE is also replicated in 11 other countries, and they rely on it to discover and reward their top coffee farmers, and also help develop long-term marketplace relationships, so critical to sustainable economic development.

Brazil is the largest coffee producer, there are 34 producing regions, with more than 150 varieties, with a sensory profile beyond the traditional sensorial notes often associated with Brazilian coffees, such as chocolate, caramel and nuts, dedication to quality and research into post-harvest processing methods such as anaerobic fermentation have yielded rare and exotic flavors and aromas such as passion fruit, blueberry, wild strawberry preserves, brilliant acidity and velvety body, among others that are considered unique.


Is a sector project, developed by BSCA and Apex-Brasil, focused on the commercial promotion of the Brazilian product on the international market. The objective is to strengthen the image of Brazilian coffee beans worldwide and to position the country as a high-quality supplier, using state-of-the-art technology resulting from research.

The current project has as target markets: i) Canada, United States, China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for specialty coffee beans; and ii) Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Portugal and the United States for products from the roasting and grinding industry.

The project also aims at exposing the exclusive certification and traceability processes adopted in the national production of specialty coffees, highlighting their social and environmental responsibility and incorporating a competitive advantage to Brazilian products.


BSCA has been internationally recognized as a leader in the production of fine coffees in Brazil since 1991. Its activities are aimed at disseminating and stimulating technical improvement in the production, commercialization, and industrialization of specialty coffees, in addition to promoting environmental preservation and sustainable environmental development through programs, projects and partnerships with public and private, national and foreign entities.

Through partnerships for research, dissemination of quality control techniques and promotion actions, BSCA raises the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffees offered in the domestic and foreign markets. In addition, it is an institution in Brazil certifying lots that can be monitored through specialty coffee quality control seals, with full traceability, which is made available by the entity to consumers.


The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) is the official institution responsible for export promotion, foreign investment attraction and internationalizing to Brazilian companies. Created in 1997, it is a non-profit body, of private law, collective interest and public utility.

Its mission is to promote exports, the internationalization of Brazilian companies, and foreign direct investment, in support of national public policies and strategies, in order to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Brazilian economy.


Mayara Coluci

Public Relations

PR Americas

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